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a tyrant flycatcher.
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General words for leaders and bosses: amakhosi , autocrat , boss Explore Thesaurus. People who tell people what to do: disciplinarian , autocrat , dictator People who are cruel and unkind: monster , savage , ogre Tyrant : Can I use the computer? Example 2: Me: On the bus and receives a call Tyrant: Why didn't you wait for me?


Me: We said bye on the phone how did I know I was suppose to wait for you? Tyrant: Hangs up, ignores you at home for the whole day.. All true stories, Ugh I can't stand her anymore.. Tamir , one of several sons of the exiled ruler, vowed he would liberate his country from the tyrant.

Tyrant unknown.

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Unlike zombies or B. W , most of umbrella's time and money goes into these creations.

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Usally tops 8' in height and wields blade like claws. Players meet the monster at the end of the game where they fight it under a countdown timer.

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Never Disappointing Thanatos-R from Outbreak was the first brotha tyrant in the Resident Evil series. Seriously he must have been on Racoon University's basketball team. Begin and friend Mrs.

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Thatcher and Paisley Mr. Brezhnev and party the ghost of Mccarthy the memories of Nixon and now adding colour a group of anonymous latin american meat packing glitterati " 2 Person 1: Bush was a real tyrant, man! Person 2: Totally dude, just like that Hilter guy.