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But, make no mistake, this is an impactful and impressive skill for you to have—even if your chosen profession has nothing to do with digits at first glance. With an increasing focus on using data to inform business decisions, having even a basic level of knowledge to analyze and understand that information will make you that much more desirable in the eyes of employers.

Excel is a great place to start with data analytics, especially when you start using tools like Power Query and Power Pivot.

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Our Excel courses will set you on the right path. Ready to get more advanced? Our Power BI course will teach you how to transform dull data into engaging reports and visualizations.

Of course, this is by no means a comprehensive list—the capabilities that specific employers are looking for can run the gamut. However, research agrees that the above skills are currently sought after by many employers, and will continue to be prioritized well into the future. Have you taken a GoSkills course to make yourself more marketable? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email or reply in the comments below.

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Have you ever met someone who likes networking events? Us neither. But you can at least try to make them a little less daunting with these networking tips! Getting criticism can be a hard pill to swallow, and giving it can often be harder!

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  • 2. Communication.
  • Loved this? Subscribe, and join , others. Get our latest content before everyone else. Unsubscribe whenever. The experts at Sling are here to help. Patience is one of those skills that everyone thinks they have until work gets really tough. When you feel like others are losing their cool — and you might be right there with them — try the following exercise. This simple technique will help you stay patient and calm during the most trying of circumstances. Good communication encompasses a wide range of skills, including:.

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    This last skill is particularly important because time is limited, and the overwhelming presence of mobile devices in our society demands constant communication. Good managers will be as clear as possible in what they say and they will make sure that all employees understand. Business is all about people. What caused them to feel the way they do? What would make them feel better? When you can view a situation from a perspective that is not your own — and communicate that you see the value in that perspective — you avoid misunderstandings. It just means that you can see where the other person is coming from.

    Flexibility means understanding that there are often multiple ways to complete a task. Flexibility also means being able to adjust quickly to changing circumstances. Being a manager is all about trust. You have to trust that they will work together to complete any task that comes their way.

    All Successful Leaders MUST Have These 10 Characteristics

    And finally, you have to trust that all of this will happen without your constant supervision. At some point, you have to delegate. That takes trust — not just in your employees but in yourself and your ability to be an effective leader. We all want to connect on one level or another, and the best way to do that is by showing interest in others. During the course of your conversations, and for as long as possible thereafter, keep track of pertinent information about your employees so you can ask more questions later. Take the time to listen to what your employees have to say without interrupting.

    Then think about what you want to say before responding. This type of active listen-and-respond is not always easy, but with practice, it can make a difference in how you communicate with your team members and how they communicate with you. Your unconscious mind can process these signals much faster than your conscious mind. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of someone else. To put that in simpler terms, think of empathy as compassion. Your job as a manager is to make their work life easier for the time being — or help them stay focused — until things settle down.

    What does it mean to have an open mind? When you keep an open mind—and make sure that your team members know you have an open mind—it creates trust and respect. Your employees will know that their viewpoint, their feedback, and their suggestions are valued and will be used if at all possible. One of the most important people management skills you can develop is the ability to lead effectively.

    How to Be a Good Leader

    Effective leaders motivate their team to do great things. Ineffective leaders often have undermotivated, underperforming, disengaged teams. But, like all the skills on this list, you can develop and strengthen your leadership skills. All it takes is an understanding of what motivates your team members, a willingness to make improvements, and plenty of practice.