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Stay Gone book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. “ A mother is just a woman who gave birth to you. You don't need her to lik.
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You don't let him visit and you erase from your memory the path to his house.

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You let yourself be vulnerable. But now, you have forgotten how to live your life without constant chaos and abrupt feelings. When he was still around, you felt like you were being slapped in the face and kissed so lightly; your skin would burn with rage, and your heart would melt, all in a matter of seconds. So now, hating him is the only way to feed your withdrawal from a world of unpredictability. That was the only normal you have ever known.

All you want to do is jump out of your own skin, to escape from your own mind, but you can't.

Because that is the only place you still have him. How could he do that to you?

You wanted to succeed with him more than you wanted to breathe. He polluted your mind with lies of love and forever. You convince yourself you're doing better, you're getting over him. You tell yourself that you're living the life that's good for you. But you'll always have that voice in the back of your mind reminding you that you're not as good of a liar as he always was. Nostalgia is a bitch that is notorious for creeping up on you when you thought you were doing just fine. Even worse, it makes things seem way more perfect that they ever were.

You're trying to take it day by day, trying to stay gone, but you're struggling. You long to be your beautiful self again.

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But how could you when there was nothing beautiful about what he did to you? You start to find yourself crying a lot. But then, you're crying a lot less. And then one day, you don't cry. And then the next day, you don't even want to cry. But that next day never comes if you don't stay gone. For once, be selfish and listen to yourself.

You know what is best for you. You know the best way for you to heal. She said, "You're better off in Boston, stay gone. And just in case, you found out on time, I've been out here all alone and I've been blind. I've thrown together a couple of songs, maybe you'd sing along.

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