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Phoenix Mysteries: Memoirs of a Born Oppressed (Swaziland) In a country surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique; Africa's last absolute monarch.
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Director Rick Davis balances the humor and heart in the play, never letting the comical moments get too sappy and ensuring the dramatic moments land appropriately.

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He also has found a small talented cast who all create finely shaded portrayals. As Eugene, George Piccininni-Avery is full of charm. He has a winning delivery in his narration as he reports on the trials and tribulations of his family. Piccininni-Avery is engaging and enduring in the part and does quite well with many of Eugene's comical lines.

He doesn't quite land every joke, but I have faith that, given a few more performances to get the timing right, he will. He also manages a fairly good Brooklyn accent and is adept at achieving Eugene's quick-witted and sarcastic commentary. Carpenter is exceptional as the strong woman who tries to hold the family together. Kate is the emotional center of this family and, even if she shows her love by constantly nagging Eugene, Carpenter is skilled in her guilt-inducing portrayal so we know Kate is only behaving the way she does due to the love she has for her family.

Moran is convincing as the head of the Jerome household.

His measured line delivery, slightly hunched over physical stature, and slow mannerisms show us that Jack is tired and worn-out. Moran also does well in showing us that Jack is concerned about his family and worries about them, yet also is attentive to their needs.


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Jack also serves as the surrogate father to his two nieces who live with him, and Wade is strong and parental in his scenes with his four young cast members as Jack doles out fatherly advice. The great charm of the novels was their almost unbearable nostalgia for old Austria-Hungary. Suffused with lashings of Middle European melancholia, the Trilogy was saved from descending into sheer schmaltz by a wonderful sense of the ridiculous.

This book comprises two separate works of autobiography, written fifteen years apart, and never before published in English. The first of these, From My Memories , appeared in Hungary in It is obvious that it came from the same hand as The Writing on the Wall.

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For the writer in him, however, there was high farce amidst the pomp and circumstance, and material for a wonderful piece of descriptive narrative. When the armistice was signed he found himself in Holland on an informal diplomatic mission and was unable to go back to Hungary.

Phoenix Land: The Memoirs of Count Miklós Bánffy

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