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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Lee Tobin McClain read Gone With The Wind in the third .. Angelica studied the man she'd been so madly in love with seven years ago. He was as handsome as ever, despite the cast on his leg and the.
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But you know how they sell! Large Size, Picture Wrappers. After the death of Gerald Mills in , Charles Boon was determined to keep and build upon the firm's loyal readership of middle and upper-class women who loved to immerse themselves in a good romance and by the firm's best-selling authors, such as Denise Robins, Elizabeth Carfrae, Sophie Cole and Louise Gerard, were all writing romance fiction.

The s was considered the golden age for the company as they continued to set new sales records. Given the Great Depression, people still preferred to borrow their titles and went to their local library where the assistant would hand over another book.

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On average, in the s, between 6, and 8, copies of each story were printed. They also discarded the traditional publishing route of publicising a book and its author individually. We published fortnightly. We produced catalogues to tie in with that. Ladies could pester libraries. The brightly coloured covers started to become a trademark for the brand and were leaping off shelves across the country. The hunt for new writers continued and they were found in all classes and ages - and even included Irene Sawtridge, a mysterious recluse who ran a sheep farm in Devon and went by the name Jan Tempest.

However, the war had a definite impact on the publisher. Paper rationing limited edition sizes, books sold out quickly, returns disappeared, as did the backlist. However, it also encouraged the readership - and the books went out of print as soon as they were published. Women became even more eager to escape the realities of the time. Whilst the war ended in - the conditions lingered on and paper rationing, for example, was not lifted until Every book, furthermore, contained an ad of its own for the reader.

No more doubts! No more disappointments! Television started to become more common and some women would pass up their weekly trip to the library for an hour behind the black and white set. Alan Boon linked the company up with magazines such as Women's Weekly and other popular publications.

Editors of these magazines helped to shape the editorial direction of the company's output. Readers would have a taste of a story and go and buy or borrow the book.

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During this time, one of the company's biggest stars was also discovered. Lilian Warren, who wrote under three names - Rosalind Brett, Kathryn Blair and Celine Conway - established a new style, capturing the imagination of her readers with erotic, sometimes violent stories, set on foreign shores.

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The company started to eschew literary agents for a more personal approach with authors. At the time, it was one of the rare opportunities women got to earn a considerable amount of money. Winning the Widow's Love Rex Billings hires young widow Callie Deviner as a housekeeper to help care for his ailing father and rambling home. He only intends to run Straight Arrow Ranch temporarily -- soon enough he'll head back to the city he lo Tate Golden is a playboy with a painful past and a secret present, but his latest romantic target is not about to play his game, despite a strong mutual attraction.

For nurse and former soldier Amalie Harter, her faith and her sons are more impor An injury forces rodeo rider Matt Ender home to his family's ranch -- where he clashes with his grandmother's pretty business partner. Former cowgirl Neely Spence has no time for love. Can they open their hearts and find family this Christmas?


Covert Pursuit (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

Rey lost his foot in Afghanistan then came home to raise his four younger siblings. The last thing he needs is an unwed year-old with a baby, but Della isn't just beautiful and tempting, she Brooks Leland doesn't date.

After his harrowing loss, the widower focuses all his time on helping the sick. But when a mysterious newcomer with a heartbreaking secret becomes his pat She left him, broke his heart, drove him to the brink of destruction. He terrified her with his recklessness, destroyed her confidence in herself and her ability to handle whatever the world might throw at her.

Twenty-five years later, each of them h As Jasper Gulch's centennial celebrations reach their festive conclusion, her guilt is only mounting. The shy historian is hiding something -- something But grad student Simone Guilland knows that a relationship with Morgan is out of the question. Even if he weren' But taking the job will mean leaving her home in Grasslands, Texas. Gilbert Valenzuela has a calling, So when the single mom of three finds herself in need, accepting help from the rugged and adventurous Phillip Chatam isn't easy. She knows he's the kind of man s A Fresh Start Lily Farnsworth can thank a mysterious benefactor for the chance to open her own flower shop in Bygones, Kansas.

But Tate Bronson is the biggest challenge the relocated Boston attorney has ever faced. Forget about tossing out the wel Amnesiac Bride An injured woman in a wedding veil on Jack Colby's ranch property? Jack has no idea who she is-and neither does she. And since Jack's entire life chang In charge of a hotel renovation, Petra Chatam's got everything under control -- except Dale Bowen. The too-handsome contractor has his own ideas about the project. And they don't match up with ambitious Petra's, who hopes to become hotel manager. Single mom Jessa Lynn Pagett is grateful for the old Victorian she's fixing up.

Now she can fulfill both her dreams: providing a safe home for her young son and opening a florist shop.

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But Garrett Willows insists he's the rightful owner of the hou Runaway Bride Caught! When Kylie Jones catches her fiance kissing another girl moments before the wedding, she runs. Smack-dab into the new deputy sheriff, who knows her former fiance all too well. Kylie is deeply touched that Zach Clayton underst All Work and No Play High-powered lawyer Asher Chatam has no time for love. He's far too busy with his career. Then his eccentric aunts summon him to Chatam House on urgent business.

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And introduce him to Ellie Monroe. The beautiful young teacher Then along comes Chandler Chatam, a cowboy with a bad-boy smile and a heart of gold. But when they get to Chat Widowed mother Dixie Stephenson never stopped blaming herself for her late husband's accidental death.

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And she didn't expect any of her dreams to come true, especially since she had been dreaming of another man. But is Joel Slade, a wounded soldier, Nurse Chatam to the Rescue? Kaylie Chatam is a pediatric nurse -- she cares for babies and children. But her new patient is a very handsome man. One with a harrowing secret. Why is Stephen Gallow recuperating from a serious injury at her family home A Recipe For Disaster?

Take one uncontrollable little girl.

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Add a home infested with bees. Toss in former childhood nemesis Anna Burdett, and what single dad Reeves Leland gets is one big headache! His trio of matchmaking maiden aunts aren't helping Her school reunion was just an excuse. Help Wanted at the Heavenly Arms Motel If only someone will take the job so oil rigger Holt Jefford can stop making beds and burning breakfasts. And then someone does: a lovely single mother with a baby boy--and secrets. Sweet, kind Cara Jane Yet something about When I offered to help little Lucia's biological mother reclaim her baby, I never dreamed it would bring aspiring single mother Lori Sumner into my life.