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Isadora knows her grandmother's secret: The magic dolls. She is going to use them to get revenge on king Fernando and his family. But, she does not know that .
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Ringo confesses to Julia what he feels for her and assures her that he will fight for her love. Rosita listens by mistake that her debut fight is fixed and demands an explanation from Oso. Santi forgives Ringo, after promising that they will be together again. Ringo discovers that Gloria, Diego and El Turco planned everything to take away his son Santi, so now he will make them pay for their crime. Brenda explodes with jealousy and causes a fire at Julia and Diego's house.

El Oso explains the reasons why he agreed to put Rosa to fight and she agrees to lose against La Zorra in order to help Ringo. Although Ringo comes to stop the wedding, Julia agrees to be Diego's wife. Teresa asks Ringo to forget Julia, because he has arrived late in her life. Julia wants Ringo to resign, but Ringo assures her that he will stay as guard of her house even if she does not like it.

Ringo warns Gloria that he will not stop until he demonstrates that she, El Turco and Diego planned to take Santi away. Gloria is desperate, since she can not find the way for Santi to accept her in his life. Invaded by jealousy, El Turco threatens Gloria after finding out that she returned to look for Ringo. Gloria can no longer resist the pressure and confesses to Ringo that she drugged him with the help of Diego and El Turco and begs him to forgive her for what she did. Although he has no hard evidence, Ringo will do everything possible to prove it to the judge. Diego receives comments from people who claim to have seen Brenda near his house on the day of the fire.

During a night of passion, Brenda confuses Alejo with Ringo. Diego is fed up with the friendship of Julia and Ringo, so he asks his wife that if she really loves him, she will stay away from Ringo forever. Ringo's fight against El Turco has arrived. And although Ringo is hurt, he will draw strength thanks to Julia's support. Diego confirms his suspicion that Brenda is guilty of setting his house on fire. Although Ringo gave it all, El Turco is declared the winner because of the bought referee.

Ringo feels like a loser. Ringo has won the support of the people after the fight against El Turco. Ringo is still trying to conquer Julia and, although she resists, assures her that he will not get tired until they are together. Rosa can not hide what she feels anymore and confesses her love to El Oso. Julia and Eva enter Llorente's factory with the help of Rosa to get evidence against him, but El Oso and Wachin ruin their plan and all are stopped by the police.

To pay off his debt, Alejo will have to fight in clandestine fights. Brenda records Ringo and Julia dancing romantically, and threatens to send the video to Diego in exchange for them to do what she asks.

Gloria makes El Turco leave after finding out that he has been unfaithful in one of his drunkenness. Diego wants Brenda to pay for the fire in his house, so he asks a lawyer to help put her in jail. Julia can not contain herself anymore and unexpectedly kisses Ringo. Brenda sows discord between Alejo and Ringo, which causes a break in their friendship.

Diego explodes when he discovers Julia dancing with Ringo, but El Turco stops him and advises him that it is better to seek revenge. Alejo does not listen to reasons and may fall low in clandestine fights. Diego hires a man to give a lesson to Ringo. Diego demands that Brenda pay for what she did, so he confesses to Julia that it was Brenda who burned the house.

Diego seeks to hurt Brenda, but Ringo saves her life. Julia looks for Brenda to know the truth. Feeling pressured, Brenda confesses to Julia that she burned her house because she hates her and can not stand that everyone prefers her. Ringo recognizes the guy who attacked him when he meets Diego. After El Turco left production of a commercial, Julia proposes Ringo to take his place and begin to increase his fame. Diego suspects that Julia is up to something and follows her until he discovers the truth of her deception.

Ringo and Julia arrive in time to save her family, but she feels guilty for having escaped and decides to get away from Ringo. To save her marriage, Julia asks Ringo to go to work at the factory and that way she will not see him again. El Turco informs Santi that he will take him to live in the United States.

Ringo and Alejo suspect that Diego is the one behind the assault on the Garay house, but they do not have proof to prove it. Rosa says she will not let herself be beaten by La Zorra, after she is insulted. Ringo confesses to Julia that he loves her, but also tells her that he does not understand her and that she only plays with his feelings. Julia helps Ringo to lower his drunkenness and end up together in the shower. Rosa says she has not gotten that far to get to the ring to lose.

Rosa shows La Zorra that she is stronger in boxing, but she lets herself be won in the third round to avoid problems for El Oso. Ringo tells Julia that she was wrong to have left him. Ringo and El Oso want to prevent Alejo from fighting in a clandestine place, but, to get out of there, Ringo will have to fight in the octagon.

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Guadalupe speaks to Diego to meet and spend the night, but Julia hears her husband's call. Rafael confronts Alejo for having slept with La Zorra. Ringo finds the assailants that Diego hired and with the help of Alejo manages to stop them and deliver them to the authorities. El Oso organizes a dinner for Rosa and her family to ask for the hand of the woman he loves, but she shocks everyone with her reaction. Julia discovers Diego's infidelities and does not think to kick him out from home.

Days later, she can not contain her desire and kisses Ringo.

Ringo tells Julia that, if they were together, she would support him in his boxing, they would have five children and they would be very happy. Armina presents herself with her son, El Turco. Although Armina tells him that she never wanted to leave him, Gloria wants to open his eyes and tells him that she is an imposter. El Oso is surprised of how Rafael fights when holding a fight with Carrizo.

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Diego does not know how to get Julia to forgive his infidelities, so he feigns illness and fainting to keep her by his side. Alejo did not pay attention to the alerts of Ringo and the people who appreciate him. Now he is involved in problems with the owners of the clandestine fights and is kidnapped. All of the Delta Boxing Club and people of his office will come together to find him.

Julia braces herself and asks Diego to leave the house and give her a divorce, Ringo celebrates this incredible news. Alejo manages to escape from the place where he was kidnapped before the police and Ringo found him. Ringo reconciles with Santi and clarifies that he would not threaten anyone in his school. Gloria tricks Santi in order to travel to the United States and thus separate him forever from Ringo. The tiebreaker fight between Ringo and El Turco takes place.

Ringo shows a great superiority against El Turco, but his team looks for alternatives and traps to prevent him from falling to the canvas. Ringo finally defeats El Turco in the ring and regains the title of champion, but he and Gloria take Santi to the United States forever.

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La Zorra proposes to Rosa that they face each other again in a clean fight. Alejo agrees to marry Brenda, but when she tells the news to her loved ones, nobody believes her. Ringo communicates with Gloria from Diego's phone to demand that she return Santi. Police investigations point to a relationship between Diego and Mancuso. Ringo and Julia try to approach the US ambassador to ask for help, but Ringo is mistaken for a criminal and is arrested.

Thanks to Santi, Ringo discovers the whereabouts of his son and, together with Julia, he will go to the United States to rescue him. With compelling evidence against him, El Oso will pressure Antunez to speed up the payment. Ringo is glad that Alejo wants to be a boxer and train with him. Diego wants to prevent Julia from traveling with Ringo in the search for Santi, so he decides to burn her passport in a way that everyone believes it was Brenda. After arguing with Julia, Brenda begins to see her deceased mom and the people accusing her of being a pyromaniac and a liar.

Ringo is well received by compatriots in the United States, who help him find the whereabouts of El Turco.

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This brings him even closer to Santi. Ringo discovers Santi's whereabouts and together they flee from El Turco to return to Mexico. El Oso enters a supposed musical contest and with the help of his friends he makes the video clip of his song "Ahora no". Gloria abandons El Turco and returns to Mexico. Diego manipulates Brenda to suspend her medical treatment and to go in search of Ringo.