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Un homme expulsé d'une auto accidentée est hanté par ses souvenirs et les railleries silencieuses d'un cosmonaute abandonné sur la lune; une jeune femme.
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« Notre idée, du ciment sans clinker »

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Development of a new plant-based biotest to assess trace element phytoavailability in contaminated soils: Selection of target-plant species for standardization. Levard , E. Doelsch , Z.

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Abidin, H. Miche, A. Masion , J. Rose , D. Borschneck and J. Structure of short-range ordered aluminosilicates in andic horizons of volcanic soils.

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Henri Étienne Sainte-Claire Deville: A physician turned metallurgist

Biological activities of soils developing on a year-old coal-waste heap of the mining basin of Provence South-East of France. Influence of lignite on soil physico-chemical properties and microbial functions. Quantification of lessivage in soils: an experimental approach. Eurosoil, Bari Italie 2 au 6 juillet. Montagne, F. Hubert, P. Evidence of short-term clay evolution in soils under human impact. Warming of cryosols and thawing of permafrost: one of the most significant feedbacks to climate change from terrestrial ecosystems?

Long-term removal of wheat straw decreases soil amorphous silica at Broadbalk winter wheat experiment, Rothamsted.

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  • Multi-isotopic approach for tracing vertical matter transfers in soil. Eurosoil, Bari Italie 2 au 6 juillet Metal and metalloid behaviour in colluviosols located along a transect of increasing soil contamination. A methodology to take into account soil quality in urban planning: case study of two districts in Provence, Southern France. Cavaignac, S. San Francisco december communication orale.

    CARBONE - Bande-annonce [Olivier Marchal, Benoît Magimel]

    Comparing modeling approaches for clay migration. The source of Si in terrestrial plants: amorphous silica vs clays. Critical examination of the procedures used to quantify the phytolith pool in soils. Cornu and I. From a geochemically to a physically-driven soil bleaching: the role of agricultural practices. Balesdent , D. Borschneck , J. Whalen and D. Sha , J. Meunier , C.