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Elixa Everett - Elixa spent the past couple years ghostwriting for various erotica companies. In late , she decided it was time to start writing the type of stories​.
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Until Lance. He is cocky and infuriating, but also highly charismatic and easily the sexiest man she has even met, igniting feelings within her that she'd rather keep buried. What started as a game for him and a duty for her develops into a passion with an intensity that threatens to destroy them both.

Kiss of the Vampire

Can Gina resist the sinfully sexy Lance and destroy the only man who has truly made her feel alive? Club Vampire is the hottest club in NYC, infamous for their strict admittance policy. Rumor has it that the owners are vampires and the club is crawling with hot, sensual vampires just dying to "hook up" with humans. Trinity and Francine are both thrilled and shocked when they gain admittance into the club, and are swept up into a world of vampires, sex, drugs, blood and quite possibly love.

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Tags : big ass , big cock , big tits , vampire. Tags : amateur , cosplay , costume , halloween , vampire. Tags : hd , masturbation , solo , transsexual , vampire. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer , vampires were able to hypnotize their prey into either not minding or not reacting to the bite.

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In Interview with the Vampire a prostitute is lying there contentedly enjoying Lestat's attentions to her breast until she looks down and realizes she's bleeding out from him being something of a messy eater. Love at First Bite : the woman being bitten seems to be based on the sounds she's making in the throes of, if not an orgasm, than something just about as good.

The scene just afterward builds upon the implication that it was the equivalent of good sex. The prostitute bitten by the Master vampire in John Carpenter's Vampires certainly seems to be enjoying herself when Vladek is between her legs. One of the Blade films showed a couple of vamps putting razor blades in their mouths before making out.

The first film had Blade feeding on the female sidekick in a moment of desperation. At first she stoically endures the pain, but after a minute or two she's clinging to him, moaning while he kind of Possibly occurs in the third film; the goth girl Drake attacks struggles initially, but once he actually gets his fangs in her, there is an audible change in the tone of her scream, and she seems to be pulling him closer to her rather than pushing him away. Subverted in Near Dark , where Mae starts out kissing Caleb in a moderately-sexy way, but he cries out in pain and pulls away from her when her teeth actually break skin.

Queen of the Damned is an interesting example.

While some of the victims in the film do not seem to struggle and are visibly enjoying their bite, others are screaming in pain and definitely NOT enjoying it. Apparently it depends on how vicious the vampire goes about his biting. The Hammer Horror films, especially the ones with Christopher Lee as Dracula , have the victims get all Beating out Dracula by 25 years was Carmilla , whose blood-sucking scene was basically written as an orgasm.

He was written as a seductive rake whose attention to young women is just the pre-dinner show. Polidori was not fond of Byron's womanizing. Instead of trying to seduce Mina Harker like Carmilla did with Laura, Dracula tricks one of the mental patients in Dr. Seward's house into inviting him in and physically forces Mina to drink his blood against her will, leaving the traumatized girl to go through periods of denial, anger, and depression while viewing what she suffered that night as a Fate Worse than Death than which nothing could possibly be worse. Since most Gothic literature of the 18th and 19th centuries used the word "seduce" where we would use "rape," Stoker gets major points for being possibly the first author since Edmund Spenser to recognize the difference between seduction and force.

Then along came the movies that ship Mina with her metaphorical rapist with the public's approval. The adaptors apparently somehow got Stoker's novel confused with Carmilla and The Phantom of the Opera. The bite of a vampire in The Immortal Rules supposedly has soothing properties However we never actually see this happen as every time the protagonist feeds, it is obviously painful and terrifying for the victim.

This is slightly justified both by the fact that she is an extremely new vampire, and by the fact that those she fed on were opponents in the middle of trying to kill her , so she wasn't as inclined to use finesse. In the Bloodline series, vampire bites are revealed to be intensely pleasurable experiences, comparable to sex. The Dresden Files Grave Peril explicitly describes Red Court vampire saliva acts as a venom to paralyze their prey, particularly since it functions as a highly addictive narcotic. So addictive, in fact, that Harry, just remembering what it was like to be under the influence, starts drifting into the euphoria state on the spot.

And they call it their Kiss. Though the Lord Raith, supreme ruler of the White Court was noted to have coined the term " Kiss of Death " — his own House Raith feeds on lust, they manage to excite emotions in their victims and drive them into a state of pleasure that drowns out everything else, even death. In one book, Harry's apprentice Molly tries to get a read off of the victim of a Raith's attentions to figure out how she died Something that Waldo Butters hasn't gotten in two years and Harry Dresden hasn't gotten in four. I mean, damn. The Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries describe vampire fangs as injecting an anti-coagulant, and the saliva a coagulant and agent to assist healing in their victims.

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But the vampires who indulge with a victim to make it part of sex, often choose an inner thigh vein rather than, necessarily, the neck. Unfortunately, if a vampire is newly risen or starved for blood, he'll go into immediate attack mode. The feeding-from-the-thigh thing is also mentioned in the Kitty Norville books- in the context of a young woman calling into the main character's radio show tentatively wondering how she can And also how she can get him to wear poet shirts more But his girlfriend doesn't seem to mind, so it must feel at least painless to her.

Actually, in book 2, Lifeblood , Bobbi explicitly states that Jack's bite is preferable to normal intercourse because "it just goes on and on A vampire's bite in the Anita Blake series is as painful as you might expect, unless the vampire put the victim into a trance beforehand, in which case it feels really good. Except for Asher.

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His bite is of the orgasmic variety. Victims can become addicted to Asher's bite, and can experience flashbacks of the feelings said bite causes. All the vampires put victims in trances before even the first bite. Well, it's implied that Straker's death was more of a gruesome one. Barlow, in his letter to Ben et al. In Octavia Butler's novel Fledgling , not only are vampire bites profoundly enjoyable, chemicals in the saliva develop a symbiotic bond between the vampire and the human that make them intensely interested in each other, irrespective of their usual preferences.

According to reformed vampire Otto Chriek in the Discworld novel The Truth , "Let's just say they don't alvays scream. That is, when a vampire doesn't simply rip off the victim's head and drink all the blood in one gulp. The vampires in Larry Niven's Ringworld series use pheromones to seduce victims into a crazed sex-mood.

They then take advantage of the fact that the victims are either having sex with the vampires or each other to eat to their heart's content. In The Hollows series by Kim Harrison, the saliva of vampires contains neurotransmitters that make the pain of a vampire's bite feel like pleasure. Vampires can also sensitize their victim's bite so that only that vampire can affect the victim, leaving the victim mentally bound to that vampire. Vampire bites in Moore's Bloodsucking Fiends aren't particularly painful and heal quickly, thanks to a minor healing agent in their saliva which Tommy then attempts to convince Jody to use on his stubbed toe , with very little success.

If the vampire is clever enough, they can even feed without the victim noticing at all — Tommy assumed that Jody was giving him a hickey until she pointed out the blood on her teeth and flat out told him what she was doing. The sexual connotations are subverted in the sequel. Because she turned Tommy , she has to find sources of blood other than her boyfriend. After reluctantly feeding on a passed-out homeless man with a huge cat , the following conversation occurs: Tommy : How was it? Jody : How do you think it was? It was necessary.

Tommy : Well, I mean, when you used to bite me it was kind of a sexual thing. Jody : Oh right. I planned all this because I wanted to fuck the huge cat guy. Live-Action TV. Buffyverse seems to have examples that fit this trope and its flipside, Vampire Bites Suck.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Buffy And Spike Balcony

Vampire bites in the Buffyverse can apparently induce euphoria, addiction or both; Word of God states Vampire bites stimulate the victim's pleasure receptors. In season 5 Riley pays to get bitten. However , his addiction could be more masochistic in nature; he was clearly growing addicted to the pain of being bitten and the resulting adrenaline rush.

It was related to his feelings of inferiority.